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At the BFGoodrich, we celebrate the human behind the wheel or under the hood. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving, what you drive, or where you’ve driven. This is your passion, and we’re here to help you share it.
Years of experience and testing in some of the toughest conditions on Earth have resulted in a tire that thoroughly and consistently defies expectations. Here’s why.
Extreme toughness and traction. Proven reliability. The all-new BFGoodrich KM3 tire delivers off-road performance unlike any mud-terrain tire before it. Featuring enhanced CoreGard Max technology for tougher sidewalls and Krawl-TEK tread compound for better grip and traction, the KM3 is built from the ground-up to conquer any terrain.

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BFGoodrich Tyres

BFGoodrich is an American tire company. Originally part of the industrial conglomerate Goodrich Corporation, it was acquired in 1990 (along with Uniroyal, then The Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company) by the French tire maker Michelin. Prior to the sale, BFGoodrich was the first American tire manufacturer to make radial tires. It made tires for the then new Winton car from Winton Motor Carriage Company.

Founded by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich in 1870, the B.F. Goodrich Company, later known as BFGoodrich, was among the first rubber tire manufacturers to be located west of the Appalachian mountain range. In the previous year, Goodrich had purchased the Hudson River Rubber Company. Based in Akron, Ohio, the BFGoodrich Company began as a manufacturer of rubberized hoses, which were sold mostly as firehoses. The company also produced rubberized belts, similar to those used on modern vehicles as serpentine belts (fan belt). As the company grew, it began to manufacture pneumatic bicycle tires, eventually leading to the production of pneumatic automobile tires in 1896, making BFGoodrich the first company in the United States to manufacture this type of tire.